Broker and Red Hills Realty Realtor Amy Maziarz knows the real estate business inside and out, making her a valuable asset to clients who are buying or selling. 

“I want my clients to know and feel that they have a trusted real estate adviser for life. I put my clients’ needs first and ensure that the buying and selling process is as seamless and stress-free as possible,” Maziarz said. 

While she has a keen mind for business thanks to her background in accounting and banking, Amy is equally adept at advising clients on the personal touches and details that can make or break a real estate transaction. 

Maziarz also thrives on paying attention to little details that are crucial in an industry like real estate, where there are many moving parts. 

“Selling a house is more than just decluttering and staging furniture in an appealing way. You really have to pay attention to everything,” she said. “Small details like fresh paint, a pressure-washed driveway or even clean windows go a long way to catching a potential buyer’s eye.” 

With a sales volume of more than $15 million for 2017 and 2018, Maziarz is in the business of delivering results for her clients, ending with their dream home. 

“The moment that my clients walk into a house that they just know is ‘the one’ and then, subsequently, getting to closing and handing them to the keys to their new home is the most rewarding part of my business,” she said. 


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